Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What an Adventure!

Wow! Missed flight, midnight train from Praha(Prague, Czech Republic) and a fabulous time in Slovakia!
We have made it back safely after two weeks in Hermanovce, Slovakia amoung a church family there led by a wonderful pastor, Pastor Peter Pristiak. They made us feel so welcome and at home.
We lived in their church and worked on the future Christian camp site during the morning and part of the afternoon, and then held a kids English class at 4:30 until dinner time. We liked the hard sweaty work in the site ( I blew my shoulder!, dummy) and the girls fell in love with the kids. It was hard to leave. WE really enjoyed getting to know the young people at the church who, left on their own mission trip to Ukraine durring our first week. We climbed up to Falcon Rock, saw a real Castle and learned to really love Hermanovce as "home".
We saw God provide strength and purpose and we heard how our work was investing into the long term goals of the Hermanovce church. They are beginning a unique work in Slovakia with the very first Christian camp of it's kind there. We also were able to begin what may become a long term ministy to children. We held their first class for kids! Those kids were great!
If any of you from Hermanovce are reading this! We SOOO miss you! Tell Maya and Lubka to write and tell us all about Ukraine! and Magdalena......words cannot say how much you meant to us, thank you.....and may we meet again!
I KNOW God wanted us to be in Hermanovce and He taught us alot about Himself and we are so blessed to have had a chance to meet brothers and sisters in Slovakia! We love you.