Thursday, June 07, 2007

Connecticut Again!

I've been in CT for the last 13 days. I have been so blessed by the many conversations and meetings that I have had with church members, partners, other friends and family.
The reason for going to CT was to attend 2 weddings, both of former youth from the youth group I worked in for years. It was such a pleasure and kinda weird to be attending their weddings when I can hardly believe that so much time has passed.
The picture that you see is of one of my girls, Lauren, whom I had a chance to visit with and catch up on her life. She was one of many of my girls that I was so glad to have time to talk with and share what is going on in their lives and mine.
I was able to attend the Memorial Day picnic that my Senior pastor Dave McIntyre and family held at their home. What a super day of talking and being encouraged. I actually had trouble with my voice following that full day of talking! Mr.Hunt if you are reading this, thank you for your words of encouragement and exhortation! God used you to speak to me, and I listened! Thankyou for being used by God to speak into my life! I am so very encouraged.
I was able to also spend a significant amount of time with my little niece Aurora while her parents were overseas. God used her to confirm some new life lessons in my heart and she and I were able to reconnect. I love that kid!
I am on the road to moving to California now! I am planning my moving truck and finding boxes as well as making plans to spend as much time with my youth group kids as I can. I want to ring out of these last days, as much face time as possible. Turns out we will be having youth group throughout the summer, so I will be able to see these kids right up until I leave! This leaving is actually really hard for me! There is still so much to do in Boyceville with my kids.
I held my first "manners" class this Wednesday. It went fine, but I realized that I didn't "pray Up" as i should have and relied to heavily on my own strength. Believe me, I will be better prepared and prayed up next week. I also think I will have double the number of "students" as school will be out finally!
Prayer requests..that I would be able to work out the last details of my assignment to California (finalizing my financial situation, confirming with existing partners, deciding on a move out/in date, get my medical paperwork and appointments completed in time). Also that I would be able to leave "well". I want to make sure I say good good-byes.
I will be in Wisconsin for the whole month of June and probably most of July! Amazing!
Thank you for stopping in to read up, and thank you to those of you who partner with me, I am so so grateful for you.