Thursday, October 23, 2008


I'm settled into a visit to CT. I arrived last Friday night with Michael and I'll be here until this coming Monday after our missions conference at Calvary is over. Michael came to visit my close friends and family here in CT, staying about 30hrs and leaving Sunday early in time to get back for work Monday morning! It was a light-speed visit! We managed to get him out to see the Fall colors and do some pumpkin picking before filling our house with a group of friends and feeding him the real "stuff"...(Italian sauce and spagetti and meatballs, made by Joe Corica).
Since he left I've been visiting with my Grandmother Charlotte, who is up from Georgia for the week. This Friday - Sunday is the Calvary Church Missions conference. My prayer for that time is that I'll have one great 2 minute story to share at church and a good "connecting" Sunday school class on Sunday morning between services. The conference ends after church on Sunday.
I return to CA Monday and I'm due up at Taquitz Pines in Idylwild that evening for our Recruiters retreat. When that ends on Thursday I'll be receiving my good friends the Allinghams as guests in town for the week.
I ought to have lots of good pictures for you in the coming days. My November promises to be a busy one!
If you attend Calvary Church in Trumbull then I'll look forward to seeing you there this weekend, starting Friday night! Thanks for stopping by to catch up with me!