Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A long time and alot to tell you!

I've got a lot of time to catch up on. I've been learning to be a wife and care for two instead of just me. We've had a number of visitors to our home in Cayucos. Michael finished one year of CalPoly ROTC and we're on the verge of beginning another. Mom Stone passed away in June and that ended up canceling Michaels temporary duty to Seattle and we stayed home instead. I've been painting and cleaning up and sorting and decorating in between visitors and events. (oh, yeah and burying dead seals on our beach...stinky!)
Recently I've started up my prayer email list again. I got off track on that for awhile (wow, its amazing how a wedding throws all schedule to the four winds!) but hopefully will be maintaining that again.
I've been up to Vision Camp as I said in the last post and since then had my coworkers, Tracy and Justin here in Cayucos for work meetings. In those meetings it was decided that Justin will be staying on for another year and will run Get Global trips as Director and I'll be helping him by coordinating one of the trips. I don't know which one yet. At the same time I'm to be assisting the trips by getting some more advertising and marketing out. Prayer would be helpful on that score.....
This Fall I'll be going to Connecticut for the Missions Conference weekend and updating everyone at home about what I'll be doing this year. I've scaled down to part-time, so my support has been scaled down as well. So for now I'm at 75% , but that is probably not completely accurate.
The seasons here have changed, from cloudy and strong marine layers to beautiful and sparkly. It'll start raining here soon, and the pelicans and dolphins will go away's still beautiful. I'm learning to surf! The waves are free and the boards at Costco are perfect for beginners! Thanks for checking in!