Friday, July 28, 2006

Coffee Evangelism

Here we are with the best coffee I have tasted in a long time! Here's the background: The Thai gentleman in the middle is a newly established coffee grower and the town "governor" of the area in which the hilltribe, that we were headed to, is situated. Our translator and the director of the Bible school we were working for, took us to this leaders house to buy his coffee. I wish I could brew the coffee like he did! wow. Little factoid...did you know that in Thailand they serve coffee with Evaporated Milk instead of fresh? :-) yup. Anyway, as you can see the coffee cup was dwarfed in Gordy's hand! It's a surprise that he could even hold it!!! The purpose of our visit was not only to buy this excellent coffee, but to continue to build a relationship with this wonderful Buddhist man and his family, in order to build a reputation for Christ and hopefully one day open the door to allowing someone to share Christ with him. Who woulda thought that you could reach out through coffee?? Posted by Picasa