Thursday, January 31, 2008

Greetings from the sick one

Hello again! I am showing you a picture of last nights sunset. We rarely get big lovely clouds like this in CA so I just had to catch them, besides I needed a picture to show you and this week you wouldn't want to see me! As soon as I returned from the retreat I got sick. Literally, as soon as I drove in the driveway! So I was well cared for by two friends and by Tori and Richard my neighbors. I'm still recovering, but God has been teaching me that I must not worry so much. Worrying about recent events actually made me sick. So, humbly I am learning. Notice learn "ing", haven't quite got it YET!
My best news this week is that I went to youth group and was once again so blessed. The girls in my small group of 9th graders were open and real with each other and me. A few of them even impressed me with their prayer lives! wow! praying every night for world issues. They really do it too! I was honored by some follow up questions and felt like once again, it was one of those youth group nights I live for. I have been so wonderfully surprised by these kids. They are not what I was expecting. Much friendlier and much more open with me!
Prayer requests would be for one of my boys in Wisconsin who is struggling with spiritual warfare. Please pray that he is protected and that he wins over the enemy and is granted restful sleep at night! For me that I would be able to organize my work life and be able to meet with a few youth leaders in San Diego. Also, we are trying to figure out my future office situation. My boss's still don't yet know what the plan will be. Pray for doors of opportunity for a local office to open so that I don't have to move.
and to close a favorite quote..."Greatness is not revealed in vast miraculous actions but in daily positive attitudes"- Chuck Swindoll
love you!