Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fellowship of Short Term Mission Leaders Conference
Hey, I'm in Atlanta Georgia, and meeting with other leaders of short term missions, enjoying a time of ministry building. It is so wonderful and is giving me a renewed energy for STM. There are some super ministries out there! This group includes STM ministries from all over the nation and parts of the world. It's not a denominational thing at all. So here's three faces you might know; me, Bear and Gordy Grover! Thank you to all of you, who have made is possible to do this ministry and to be here to learn how to do ministry even better! We are so blessed. Thankyou! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Atlanta or Alaska?

I'm visiting my family (Uncle Russ, Aunt Ari, and Grandma Char) before my conference starts today. My Uncle is an expedition leader to the North and South Poles, Mongolia, Amazon and now Africa! I tried on his wolf hair Russian hat. He's also a professional photographer, so we were goofing around with my camera trying to get the flash to work better.
Today I head over to the conference center, for the Fellowship of Short Term Missions Leaders conference that I am seriously looking forward to. I've been asked to help lead a small group discussion, and that is such an honor. There's lots of networking to do, and tons to learn regarding short term missions. This is an interdenominational event, and STM leaders from all over the country come.
In the meantime, it's getting warm in here! Posted by Picasa