Thursday, January 07, 2010

Going Overseas this summer!

We getting ready to go to Kenya! I'm helping get a team together to take students to Kenya in partnership with another organization to assist the ministry of DOOR, a ministry to the deaf in Kenya.
We'll be sending the team from Dallas after training to Nairobi, where the will spend 2 weeks working on a school building project where deaf students will go to school using the local sign language in order to learn.
July 14-Aug3...if you know any students interested they can contact us at and get an application.
I've also been updating and preparing our new website for activation. We wanted a site that would allow students to interact more, post pictures and join groups. A bit bigger that what is available on Facebook and a bit more interactive than our current wynet site. the address is but it does require member to join to see it. We're hoping it will be a fairly secure place for students to interact on the subject of missions.
So far that's been my latest activity. Next month I'll be hosting our whole team, here in Cayucos for our annual retreat. Looking forward to "going" to a retreat that leaves me in my own bed at night! what a treat! Besides, we're gonna take advantage of such a lovely situation here in the Central Coast where the weather is at it's best in Jan-Mar!
I've been able to keep in contact with students from my previous residences and have been enjoying the interaction and conversations. Many of those talks have been about important things.
Thank you for your interest in this ministry! Thanks for checking in!