Thursday, November 30, 2006


Yup, I did it again! I missed last Thursdays blog. But this time I have a good exuse! I was home in Connecticut. I had a great weeks visit. We had 18 people at our Thanksgiving feast! For the first time in years, we weren't able to carve the turkey at the table the ole' "Rockwell way", but instead we had a great group of family and friends.
This picture was taken on our Christmas tree cutting trip. The top left is my brother Lee and his daughter Aurora and my sister in law Anne. Then Jenny and Jonathan Nelson, who have been regulars at our Thanksgiving table all throughout their college years and now as a couple have made it a tradition to join us! Then bottom left is me, Mom and Dad and Sharma, a ward of my parents. We were able to find a beautiful Fraser Fir, and as you can see it was a perfect day for tree hunting. This was a the traditional "Jones Family Farm" in Shelton.
Since I've been home I've been busy with work stuff. Today I met with coworkers and we reviewed our short term team applications and plan on rewriting and updating all our team paperwork in the next month. I am also working on two brochures, one for a coworker in Connect and another for a short term team to Rwanda in 2007. Next week we are all to attend classes on Microsoft Outlook which will soon become the EFCA email system. Then we have two days of meetings to talk over our goals for next year in Connect. I am also looking forward to my first house guest! My girlfriend Jennijoy is coming to visit and will be here for 6 days. I hope to get my apartment decorated on Saturday before going to a Christmas concert that some teen friends are performing in.
I've also had a chance to get involved in my community by volunteering to lead tours at the local historical "Wilson Place Mansion" in Menomonie. They give special Christmas tours. I haven't led house tours in years, and am a bit nervous. I know that after the first one, I'll be fine. I even get to dress in period costume!:-)
So, with the holidays here and my coworkers back from their trips abroad, there is lots to do. But I like it that way! And what better time of year than Christmas with all the lights, the smells and the family spirit. i love this time of year!
ps. Wisconsin is beautiful in Winter!!! hint hint!