Thursday, June 28, 2007

Enjoying Wisconsin as much as possible

What a sky, eh?!! The last few days have been hot. They've also brought some major storms. I can not believe how beautiful the sky can be here in the Midwest.
The last week has been full of preparations to move. Every day I get a few more things done. I still have to decide what moving service I am going to use. The problem is that some have good service, some are cheaper with much less service and some aren't returning my calls and emails. So, the drumbeat continues.
In the meantime, I am trying to take advantage of every opportunity with "my girls". I finished up my last etiquette class on Wednesday. The plan is to celebrate/practice with a dinner out. Tonight I am holding a sleepover at my house. I am expecting about 8 girls. I know that the girls enjoy being here, and I am praying for this time to be not only fun, but refreshing and peaceful for them and maybe even a chance to talk about some meaningful stuff.
I was able to get a commitment from a couple to buy my washer and dryer, not for the price I'd hoped but at least I don't have to move it. I can leave it right here and they will come and get it! yeah!
So, prayer requests would be that the moving service would be decided on and would be reliable. Also that the Lord would provide the money to pay for this moving service/truck and other random moving expenses. Selling the washer/dryer is a start and I've had a wonderful gift from partners towards that goal! He will provide, that is for sure!
Thank you for your interest! This next month will be full of change, change, change! At least life isn't dull!
Seize the day!