Saturday, April 03, 2010

So...What about March?

So, we got the website up and going as you know, and now we have over 100 members! I've been working with my boss Tracy on tweaking our little "issues" such as what to do about adult members and how to create more activity. We got a new "face" the week after we opened and it has our organizations "branding" for our age group. We love it!

I have also been working on our Kenya missions trip, having a slow start of it in January setting dates and trying to get our team together. Unfortunately, because of lack of applications (we only had one) we had to cancel the trip and send that one student on another of our opportunities. She'll be going to Cameroon instead, which is cool! I am disappointed that we weren't able to make it fly, especially since it was a trial partnership with another organization, but so it is. I am a bit relieved as it free's my schedule up from complications as Michael and I move to Georgia.
So yeah, we are moving as of May 30th and taking the long drive East. We are due to the new job on June 8th.
In the meantime I'm leaving to see my brother and family in the Middle East, with my parents as of this Tuesday, returning April 26 to California. I've got a work conference to attend in Orlando May 9th-14 and then a couple days at the Southwest Regional recruiters retreat down in Southern California. Then it's one more weekend, attending a family wedding in Santa Barbara and then....leave Cayucos. I'll definitely miss the view, the West Coast culture and the constant growing season.
Last week Michael took me to Hawaii for a Christmas/early Anniversary present. We visited the island that I lived on 1987-1990, showing Michael my old house and my town and some of the activities I loved. We visited a ministry friend of his who now works and ministers to the military on Oahu and generally did the "Hawaii" tourist thing. It went so fast, Sunday to Friday. On Saturday we attended the wedding of a really good friend and youth ministry partner of mine in the Los Angeles area. It was really special to witness that event and I am so so happy for Doug. We both met our spouses on eHarmony!
I'll be away again for another few weeks, visiting my bro, but I ought to have some pretty cool pictures to show you when I get back!
Happy Easter!