Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just can't stop thinking bout our Marine

This past week my home church congregation has been so touched by grief. A couple in my Sunday School class lost their son to gunfire in Iraq. I am so sad for them. Having been a military brat myself, and having shared in prayer for Jordan and in their anxiety for him in the service; I was surprised at my own sorrow for his death. It is only proof that we are a close body of believers at Calvary. When one member of the body suffers, we all suffer! I so wish I could be in Connecticut this weekend. I checked for last minute cheap fares, but being the weekend, it was a no go. The funeral for Jordan is Labor Day. I can just imagine how full the service will be, it being a federal holiday. I just wish I could be there for Bev and Eric. Those of you who read this and are in CT, would you please go if you can?! And, Bev and Eric will need us after all the activity is over. They will need us more in the next many months than they even do now. If I am this sad, I can only imagine what it must be for Bev. Don't preach at her though, hold her, listen, be there.
Our military is so brave. Our guys are so sacrificial. I write to a soldier from Massechusetts, who is in Iraq. He is destined to return in October, we all hope. I wrote to him about Jordans death and he wrote this back...what an amazing group, these military guys......
"Please send my reguards to the family for me please, suffering a loss isn't the easiest thing to go through for anyone family or friends. Well I have to get going for times up already on the computer, I wish to send out my reguards to everyone that was close to your friend and hope that all fairs well in this time of mourning. Paul"
Wow huh?! So, please pray for the Pierson family and for my soldier from MA, Paul Perusse who is still in Iraq and for all our wonderful soldier and marines and sailors who serve in harms way! THANKYOU!