Thursday, February 01, 2007

Big news and winter fun

Candlelight ski! I was wondering what this was, since reading about it in the Visitors guide for Menomonie in July. There really were candles the whole length of the trail and at the end there was an entire wall of ice that they had lit with electric lights. A girlfriend of mine and I rented cross-country ski's and "scooted" our way all along the trail as we greeted the other skiers and laughed as we fell. I've downhill skied but never cross-country. It was absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to drive over the lake next week and get a picture of the "klunker" car that the local Lion's club has parked on the lake and set up as a 50/50 raffle. The deal is to guess the date and hour maybe even minute that the car will slip below the surface and sink to the bottom as the ice melts. Check in next week, I'll try to get a shot of that! The things these Wisconsinites think of to do in the winter! What fun.
The Big News is that I'll be changing jobs! A newsletter is just being completed and will go out to all my supporters, telling them with more detail. Suffice it to say that I have seen God's hand in calling me to work with a Bible Translation mission in the youth ministry called NextGen. I have even noticed God showing me His heart for this task of translation. I will not be doing the job of translating, but instead of helping to call others who will. This change will likely also require me to move, again. This time to Dallas, Texas where the national office resides. I have been eager to live in Texas anyway, so here's my chance! I am so eager to be included in this team of passionate missionaries. All of them have a heart for youth ministry as well as for translation. Some of them have previously translated the Bible into a language and are now back in the USA working to send others. Expect to see this change between now and June!
Thanks for checking in! I made it on Thursday again!