Thursday, July 24, 2008

visiting my friends in Wisconsin!

This week I'm back in my old home of Menomonie, WI! I have been gone from here for almost a year. So hard to believe! Last year, this week was when I moved to CA.
So I came back to reconnect with my girls and to visit other friends. Last night was an informal youth group "meeting". A few of the kids came, we had about 8 total and a bunch of the leaders. We played some games that I picked up in CA with my youth group and friends there and then I got to see how the new Faith EFC band sounds! Got to hear how this last year went and what is going on in the life of the church.
I am staying at the Grovers house, without them as they are in Peru right now! A friend from church loaned me her car, so I even have "free" transportation! Tonight is a sleepover, with basically the girls in the first picture plus another one that I ran into at Wal-Mart last night! I was hoping to see Emilee, and there she was late at night in Wal-mart. I wouldn't have been there except i had to exchange an item from earlier in the day that didn't fit. Which reminds me that this particular girl is so changed! Her countenance is brighter and she seems so much more healthy and happy! I knew it was a "God" thing that I ran into her last night and I am praying that she can come tonight so we can catch up. I met her only a month or so before I moved away from here and I have been concerned for her. I am so very excited to see this goodness in her life! She has been one of those girls that is constantly in my mind and heart.
I was able to go into Connersville and visit another teen, who graduated this year. She and I talked for a couple hours and I got to meet her "new" boyfriend....great guy. The drive to and from her house were amazing. Wisconsin farmland is absolutely out of this world....if you know what I mean. Green rolling hills, barns and silo's peeking out from behind a hill here and there, cows, and waving wheat and corn, straight straight rows of mown grass drying before they are baled. I drive from place to place in awe.
There are a few more days left. More pictures to come! (oh, and the last one is my girlfriend Minda!)