Thursday, March 08, 2007

Back in snowy Wisconsin and planning more trips!

The camps went really well! That's me next to three missionaries during the last weekend of Pine Summit camps. Joyce, a fellow missionary in the USA, Tracy (in orange) will be my co-worker in NextGen and tall Linda Hughes, who is a recruiter in the Southwest region.
For a few of you, who are confused as to what this trip was about and where I've been, a little explanation.
I attended this camping program in Big Bear lake California. This organization was asked to provide the program for the camps winter retreats. This organization does not own or run the camp, we were simply asked to provide the program. So lots of staff came from all over the country to help provide teaching and games and "stuff" for this super camp called Pine Summit. Youth groups from all over southern california attended, both Jr. and Sr. High. We ran a program of introduction to missions and Bible translation. I do not live in Cali. yet. I am still residing in Wisconsin, but simply went to CA to help run two weekends of the 6 weeks of camp.
We saw a number of students respond to the call to missions, many counselors and youth leaders show interest in pursuing missions and many students deal with forgiveness and some accept Christ as their savior! It was a powerful pilot program and a super start to our being able to spread the word about Vision 2025 in Southern California. We have already been asked by a number of the attending churches to come speak to their congregations and youth groups further about missions.
I learned a bunch of new ideas that I can use to share the need that exists in missions today. I plan to use a number of these ideas at Calvary (my home church) for our missions conference.
I am now back in Wisconsin. I am trying to finish all the paperwork that is required in order to attend the training program that is required in order to finally be a member of this organization. I still don't know where I will be moving. It will be either Dallas, TX or Southern CA. We'll see. There is lots of follow-up to do in Southern CA and now it looks like I've got a place to live for much less that it would cost for me to find housing of my own. Is this God's provision? Dallas is also full of potential. Somehow I'm going to have to make a decision by May1.
We had a really intense youth group last night. The gospel was clearly shared, and I believe that it was the first time that I noticed a few of my very hurt girls really consider Jesus. None of them publicaly responded to accept Him, but 4 of the 5 were sooooo close! Pray for them to make the decision to follow him. God was pleased to allow me to share very very clearly his salvation message as a result of a really good video we watched during youth group. This was the first time for such a clear opportunity! It was so intense and so exciting. I just wish they had made the decision!!!! Pray!
So, in the next few months there will be some big decisions and some big changes. I'm excited to take you along with me in this adventure. Thanks for volunteering to travel with me!