Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Orlando again!

Well, I just returned from a week in Orlando Florida! This time it was as a full-fledged member of my organization! woohoo! We were there to learn to use software and systems set up to help us do our job as recruiters. I was blessed to be able to get to know some really super people, who are recruiters all over the country as well as the staff at the headquarters in Orlando. We had regular work days and even a few Christmas parties!
Following this time at the headquarters, my mom joined me and we drove down to see my grandfather for the weekend. He is recovering from having some radiation and is kinda discouraged. I asked my prayer partners to please pray that I would be able to lift his spirits. I believe we were able to do that to some degree. He has never been sick, so he just doesn't know what it feels like to recover from something so drastic; and to have to learn this at 84!! wow! I pray that he will continue to improve and not feel hopeless. I played my guitar and we got him outside in the sun. We talked to him when he was not resting and encouraged him to eat, even though he didn't feel like it. He even played a few games of Sequence with us and that was a great improvement from his recent days of simply sleeping. Thank you for your prayers. If you feel so moved, I wish for prayers for his salvation. We just don't know!
I will be in CA for this week and then returning once again to CT for the Christmas season. My boss and I are meeting a new member here at our Temecula office tomorrow. This is someone who loves youth ministry and we hope to encourage him to consider working with us in our department! I have a youth group meeting to attend and a small group meeting. Just the short turn around time is making long term planning difficult! Gotta get those Christmas cards done and some shopping too!
The first thing on the "docket" for next year is a department retreat in January. We're starting out the year with vision casting! I can't wait!
Thanks for checking in!

HEY! did you know? The "Boomer" generation consisted of 88,000 people in the USA. The "Gen X" consists of 35,000 and the "Millenials or Post-Mod's" are 85,000. Why the drop in population between the last 3 generations??? 40,000 abortions!!!! My generation was cut in half!