Friday, May 18, 2007

A note from California

Hi my friends and partners! I am visiting the place where I am going to live in California. The office in Temecula is very nice. They even claimed a cubicle for me and posted some pictures of me at Pine Summit camp. It felt so welcoming! Everyone here seems eager to have me join them. What an honor that is.
Mom and I drove the 30+ minutes to Hemet from the Temecula office, where the house I am offered to live in exists. The country around here is so drastically different from Wisconsin, especially this time of year! But as with all moves, there are some things you miss from "home" and some new surprises where you are headed. Right? So my emotions waver, but my faith is not. I know that God is the same God out here as He is in the place I have fallen in love with Wisconsin and Minnesota. He will help me to fall in love with this area and it's uniqueness as well.
Prayer requests are budding constantly now. A few I'll share with you. 1) that I will know how I am to arrange to move out here. There are many options and there is a need for me to be out here the middle of July (right in the middle of my moving time). Don't know if I should try to move before that camp or just come out and go back after the camp and move. 2) That God would direct me to the church that I should attend and hook me up with some good friends and kids in a youth group that needs me.
Actually it is all a bit scary. I must trust Him to supply all my needs and to use me in His plan.
Thanks! I'll get pictures on when I return!