Thursday, October 02, 2008

Office stuff getting busy!

I finally finished the decorating (for the most part) of my office in San Diego. There is a part of it that I can't show you, as it reveals the name of my organization, but just know that the wall facing the door has big mirrored letters of my organizations logo on the wall. Very cool! I've been busy with new ideas and with meetings. I've attended a number of webinars online to improve my skills in doing my job.
My youth group girls and I have been getting along really well. God has blessed me with some fabulous conversations in the last few weeks. Conversations that I go away from amazed at God and so thankful that He chooses to use me to speak through. I love, love, love watching and witnessing students grasp how wide, and tall and deep is the love of God! He is an amazing and intricate God!
This week I have the opportunity to spend time with my aviation friends as I volunteer at the Miramar Air show! I met these friends last year at this very event! Pray for me to be the gentle witness that I must be and that my life and actions prompt questions about who I follow. I love aviation so this is my favorite pastime and these are wonderful caring people!
Next week I attend with my supervisor, a meeting our youth ministry folks from San Diego, up in the mountains for Tues-Wed. We will have the opportunity to pick their brains and to share our missions ideas and opportunities with them!
Thank you for your interest in my ministry! Please continue to pray for one of my girls's friends who is losing her mother to cancer this week. She desperately needs the constant tangible presence of God to be her comfort. Pray that my girls will be that tangible presence of God in some ways that He will give them the wisdom they need to be a blessing to her as she mourns.
There are so many students who need our prayers. I have even had Facebook conversations that have prompted me and other to prayer. So many needs it's a good thing that our God has his ear and heart on every single one!