Thursday, January 29, 2009

We're all getting together in Orlando, Florida

Hello from Florida! I arrived last Friday night first, to visit my grandmother and then drove up to Orlando on Sunday to arrive in time to greet my co-workers and other recruiters from all over the States. This was a Tri-yearly recruiters conference. We really enjoyed this weeks activities. I played guitar and sang in a singing worship group, spoke with two other colleagues in a workship on "Engaging the Millennials" and assisted as a workship facilitator. I really enjoyed serving this group of missionaries in our organization. I benefited from the active time being a part of an event like this apart from the insights I gleened from listening to speakers and workshops.
We ended the conference today and after spending some time at the headquarters just catching up with others there we began our NextGen annual retreat this evening at dinner. For the next few days our particular group will gather to discuss the issues that we face. We will plan our next year and think over our goals. We'll even get to spend some time just team building as our team is spread out all over the United States.
I am praying over my role in our organization and how I will adjust once I'm married. I'd appreciate your prayers on my behalf in regards to this! Thanks! Just being with those in my organization and being at the headquarters reminds me of why I LOVE this organization. So inspiring to hear stories from all around the world.