Thursday, June 12, 2008

Family vacation

We had a great trip! I returned to CA on Monday evening. It all started with Memorial Day party at the Pitts in Stratford, followed by a few days of moving the Pitts in Bethel out of their house. They will be moving in with my parents for the month of June, grandkids and all! We left for Virginia on Friday and enjoyed a week of being together. We were graciously offered a place to stay in Massanutten resort near Harrisonburg, by the Fellenbaums. The weather was wonderful, with the exception of one day of storms but even that was kinda fun. We explored the Skyline Drive at Shenandoah National Park and Luray Caverns as well as the resort pool and horseback riding stables. We took turns preparing meals and generally just enjoyed hanging out together. Our room sat at the back of the 11th hole of the resort golf course and it was fun just watching people putt! The trip ended with a memorial service for my grandfather in Scottsville, VA. That was a really hard day or two for me. I knew it was going to be hard, and it was. I reminded myself that Jesus allowed himself to grieve at Lazarus's tomb, despite the fact that he knew he was to raise his friend from death. So it's OK to grieve, even if it's simply to feel the loss of the persons presence. PopPop is and will be, greatly missed.
The day after I returned to CA I attended my second Para-chapel ministries meeting at Camp Pendleton, the place all the contacts there got started. It was fun to report on the new ministry youth group starting and it was also a personal benefit to meet some of those who also volunteer on base.
I am just getting rolling again with office stuff for my organization. I will be going with my youth group girls to summer camp next week. We had also planned a sleepover this Friday night, before I realized that it will be followed by a week of camp together! oh well! the more the better! :-) I was welcomed very warmly back to youth group last night and it was so encouraging!
As always, thanks for checking in!