Thursday, January 21, 2010

lots of web stuff

Hello from WET California! This week I've been working online on a website for our students that is not yet "live". Most of my week of Wycliffe work is something I can't show you....:-(...but soon! So I'll just include some links to things I've found that are fabulous!The first is a great video that we located on YouTube (hyper link there too, hard to see) that is quick and catchy. We've used it front and center on our new site. For example, a webzine that our partners JAARS has produced called Rev 7. (there's a link there on the words Rev7, it doesn't show up well) They produce this webzine quarterly, and this publication was about missions in Vernacular Media. How we work with new translations before the Word of God is actually published. It's considered non-written forms of translation. For example The Jesus Film. I got so excited when I saw this publication. I knew that it was in a format that students would enjoy. It has bright colors, short concise articles accompanied by fabulous photo's. The stories are written mostly from first hand accounts that give them so much credibility. Check it out, it's so interesting!
As for my family!
Michael and I spent this last weekend cleaning out his storage unit, where he placed just about all his belongings when he moved out here to care for his ailing mother. We need to sort out all of our now combined belongings in order to make our next move to Georgia in June. I got pictures the first day, but the second day it just downpoured and I didn't think about getting my camera out, while dodging rain drops and hustling back and forth to the nearby Goodwill.
We're doing well here. I'm keeping myself busy every morning (and usually into the afternoon, like today) with work stuff. The evenings are either Michael and I at home or like last night, attending Bible study with local friends.The next few months will be relatively quiet, until the months of travel and moving come. I'm soaking up (almost literally in this wet weather!) the time here in CA. The next adventure is almost on our doorstep!