Thursday, March 06, 2008

Old friends and new ministry

I would like to introduce you to an old family friend, Father Frank McQuire. Two weekends ago I went to a church that our family attended when we lived here in the early '80's. I felt so welcome and such a part of community there at The Good Shepherd Episcopal church in Bonita. Wow. Ya know, I even got to sing with the choir! Choir robe and all! Yeah. That was the weekend that I was waiting to hear how my grandfather was doing and it meant alot to have the comfort of family ties all the way out in CA. The look of the church hadn't changed at all, and it was to my surprise to find that our old rector was still attending. He was as spry and spirited as always despite the affect that a stroke has had on his outward appearance. It truly meant alot to find that this church family even remembered my family and welcomed me so openly. Wow. I actually have a piece of "home" here in Southern CA! *sigh
I have also just realized that I need to step up my efforts to relate more to some local teenagers. The Holy Spirit caused me to realize that the very thing that I find most rewarding was missing from my life, ie. one on one relationships with teenagers. Although I attend youth group meetings and have a small group discussion, I don't yet have deeper relationships with girls here, like I had in WI and CT. So, this week with prayer behind me I asked the 9th grade girls about having a sleepover at my house this month. What a positive response! "YES" was the answer. So that is in the works and I am feeling really happy about the prospects of getting to know some girls a bit better.
A big prayer item these days is the decision about my office. As you may know our office here is closing and I must find another place to work in the area. I found out today, that my first choice was no longer an option, so now we are looking at sending me a bit further out, like towards San Diego. There is an option of working in the office of the National Network of Youth Ministries. I already know most of the staff, at least partly and they like the general idea. So please pray God would open up the best opportunity and that I would know what to do about where to live. I can either stay in my rent free place and commute or I will need to move. Moving would also, most likely mean that I will need to change churches! ouch!
Thanks again for checking in!