Monday, June 22, 2009

Back from wedding and travels and...

I walked down the isle May 16, 2009 to become Major Michael Stone's wife. Our whole family had a great time. We worshiped God, enjoyed the day, partied and had a genuinely good time. The reception at Double Diamond hangar Oxford Airport was a dream. After we rested on Sunday, Michael took me to the Turks and Caicos for our honeymoon. The following week we returned to California for Michael to return to work at CalPoly's ROTC unit. We were continuing the celebration by planning our California reception in Paso Robles at Stacked Stone Cellars as we surrounded ourselves with Michaels California (and nearby) friends and relatives. My parents traveled to CA for the celebration and we were able to hold a vow exchange in Diane Stone's room as she continues to suffer from brain cancer.
To update you about my job. I am continuing with my organization. In fact we met in April to discuss the direction we want to take and to figure out who is doing what jobs. As of July or August the man who has been leading our short term trips will be moving to another position within the organization. My boss Tracy has asked me to take the job temporarily until we are able to fill that position with a full time employee. This means that I will begin to follow and support the short term trips that we are planning, for 2010. Sound familiar? It will be very similar to what i did with YouthBuilders! For now this is only temporary. I am not yet sure how this very busy position will affect my new position as Army wife, but for now I should well be able to maintain it. I am officially doing "part - time" with the organization but we don't yet know how that all works itself out. Next week I will be attending a camp called Vision Camp in Southern CA with my Southwest regional recruiter friends as moderator for the group. We will be presenting what our work is all about and hopefully encouraging and inspiring some youth to consider this work for themselves!
I have not yet found a church youth group home, although Michaels church, the Calvary Chapel of San Luis Obispo where he attends has a youth group. I told the pastor that I'd be checking it out but as of right now, the wedding planning and finding my place here at home have taken alot of time.
Also, would you pray with us (the Stone's) over Michaels Mom's health? She had a succession of seizures last week, of which I was in attendance for the 2nd - 7th. It was very dramatic and caused her son Jeff in Spain and Michael who had just left for Washington and a temporary duty station to return home to CA to be at her bedside. She has not been able to eat or drink on her own and was just taken off the IV. We do not know what to expect but at most it's a matter of weeks. It's a very draining time for the family.
Also with my organization.....NextGen is taking a new direction and we hope to roll out our new theme this year.
I'll post some more pictures of our wedding events, primarily the CA reception in my next update.