Thursday, January 24, 2008

Next Gen Retreat

I have been so late getting this blog updated! Since I got back to California I haven't stopped.
SO! here we are at the Next Gen retreat up at Big Bear Lake, CA. I was responsible for the food and activities for the group during the week. We had members join us from all over the USA and Canada. All of them are members of our organization and involved in ministry to teenagers. The purpose of the retreat is to discuss the future, talk about what we are doing and should be doing. Of course pictures of meetings are boring, so I am giving you shots of our big group activity! Snow shoeing. I have never done this before and only a few others had. The snow up here at Big Bear is beautiful and we had a great group time tromping around in the snow among the pine trees up here at 7,000 ft. Our meetings end tomorrow morning and we will all be making our way DOWN the mountain complete with tire chains!! yikes! Even me, the seasoned New England driver is nervous. CHAINS???
This next month I will spend completely IN California! My first full month at home, believe it or not! So I have an executive meeting of the San Diego Mission Project, and youth group and various organizational meetings at the office. My boss is currently in the State looking at office options for me, once our regional office closes. I'll let you know as I know, what is going on with that.
I pray that your days are warm, and full during this winter season! The snow here in Big Bear is reminding me of winter!!! :-)