Thursday, February 08, 2007

Frozen Lakes and Freezing Weather

Told you I would and here you are! I got to drive on the lake! yah! Gordy went with me and showed me around the lake. The first moments on the ice was thrilling! I was driving my car on the lake! There are car tracks all over the snow. We made sure to give the ice shacks a few feet of space and kept an eye out for other cars around us. There are no "roads" out there , so it's kinda like flying in that aspect. Just keep scanning the...lake :-) vs the sky. We stopped to try a fishing spot. Just pick a spot wherever! So Gordy drilled a hole by hand auger, and tried a bit of fishing. Nothin', so we moved on and did a tour of the lake. Then he suggested I do a "donut" with my car! No way! I could just see that top heavy SUV flipping over on it's side! Gordy insisted that it wouldn't do that. I felt much easier doing aerobatics in an airplane at 10,000 ft, there's lots of space to turn around and all before you get to the ground. But in a car!? Look how close the ground is! After a bit of coaxing, I tried it. Then tried it again. Not so bad! Kinda fun! I'm learning all kinds of new stuff!
As to ministry! Well, now that I've made the announcement that I'm going to move to a new organization, I have less to do officially. I have started a leadership Sunday school class, with a few of our teens. They love it and I love it! God has blessed the times and we are already seeing spiritual attack. Which in my eyes is only proof that we're doing the right thing. Pray for our 2 boys especially. As soon as we did our first class our one guy has faced some spiritual warfare of the mind. I know my girls are only next. And if you think I've been clear of it, you'd be wrong. All kinds of mental warfare going on. Do pray for us. We've begun a study of the difference between Christianity and other beliefs and I see a storm brewing with our secular kids. It's gonna come to a head very soon.
Thanks for checking in. If any of you want to experience "real" winter, come visit!!!