Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another shot from Thailand

See! Look at these teens! Even though our Thailand Youthbuilders team was small, they were mighty!
They are working on "squaring" part of a reusable form for the columns on the staff housing project we were assigned. We are hoping that these forms that we built will be useful to the regular workers; who usually build, square, fill, tear down and rebuild, square,fill, tear down see what I mean. It was important to make these strong, and square in order to use them over and over. We bent an amazing amount of nails on these boards. Jungle wood! Harder than any Gordy had seen! You can see that it took almost a whole crew just to square these two!
Personally, I've been setting up my home office, getting the internet going, and meeting new friends. Wisconsin is absolutely beautiful! I've been to some local historical museums and trails. The rolling farmland is unbeatable! "Summer" is here! I've also met some of my neighbors. I'm still trying to have the one neighbor over for dinner, and the teens behind my house have been over for a movie and to talk a few times. I hope that continues! I've been going to a small group on Tuesdays, and have met a number of really great people, including a couple that enjoys flying and airplanes and all that.
My boss has just passed on a job to me, so I'll be doing some research on next years short term trips that are needed around the globe! From that information, we should be able to start getting some teams set up for next year. It ought to be fun getting to know the leaders of the areas we work with in the EFCA and finding out their needs. I even hope to get my home church set up for a trip to Africa with our recent visitor Pastor Olega. We'll see!