Thursday, July 16, 2009


Again, it's Thursday and this time, I've got a new picture. Well actually, it's two weeks old. This is the group of "us" from Southwest Region who went up to the Julian area and held two sessions about Bible Translation during the Youth for Truth's Vision Camp. I was the moderator, did the opening and closing and just introduced the others when it was their turns to speak and kept us on time. Well, they all did that by sticking to their timeframes, but I had the watch! haha! Truly though, we had Jr. High before lunch and Sr. High after lunch. We seemed to have held the students attention, even though the poor Sr.Highers had to endure a session AFTER lunch (always my worst time in college). We had a number of them show interest in getting involved right away and even some of the staff took interest in our short term programs for next year! We gave out a number of praying for the Bibleless people groups, prayer cards and the students really seemed genuinely interested!
It was a unique time for me, a time of memories from some emotional upheaveal I was going through last year at the same camp and it was refreshing to see how God had changed my path and brought me to where I am today. It was also fun to be again, working with my colleagues down in Southern CA doing what we all love to do.
I will officially be taking the helm of the high school short term program in NextGen as of September. I have also been asked to possibly co-lead one of the trips to Africa next summer. Oh my! would I!!! I am discussing it with my new husband, as he's been invited to lead as well, and we are considering it and the possiblility of us arranging a household move around the same time. My boss and friend, Tracy and I have been talking about co-leading a trip to Africa for a few years. This would be fabulous. You would think I was doing "youthbuilders" all over again! May be!!!! Where's Gordy and Bear?? :-)
Prayer requests would include the decision about going to Africa and also, that I would be able to seemlessly take the responsibility for the short term program from those that are doing such a good job now!
thanks for checking in again.