Thursday, September 18, 2008

the last 2 weeks!

Well, for those of you who read my blog rather regularly, you know that I tend to miss my weekly blog updates when I travel. So is the case this time too! I went to North Carolina to join a group of friends, family and supporters for a yearly retreat/vacation. Our host and friend Mr Powell Harrison invites a large group of us to enjoy his family home on the Outer Banks. This year, as in the past we enjoyed deep fellowship, Bible study, worship and lots of fun. My parents joined us for the second "week" and I caught up with friends that I generally only see on this trip. It did not disappoint this year once again. I come back from this trip refreshed and excited and envigorated by the people time and fellowship. We always share our year and our prayers and hopes for the next year. Even the Tropical Storm Hannah was mild "enough" to be exciting but not to keep us from staying. We weathered a very windy night on Friday but by Saturday afternoon the skies were blue!
This week, right now in fact, I am with colleagues in Arizona taking a Child Safety Seminar and today (Thurs) we are meeting within our department to discuss the future of our camping programs. It is always enjoyable to spend face to face time with my colleagues who are usually spread out over the country. We return Friday to our homes.
On another note. My landlord/colleague/friend Tori's daughter is getting married at our home this Saturday! Very exciting! the groomsmen will be preparing themselves in my house, which is in the backdrop for this backyard wedding! So Saturday will be a fury of activity and I'm looking forward to it!