Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm an Aunt 2x's over!

She has arrived! Yes, it's a girl. Bryn Marie Pitts arrived just after I did on Oct 17, 10:10pm. I got in to Bradley airport Oct 16 at 7:45pm and we got the phone call late that night to come get Aurora, my other niece, in preparation for baby to arrive. Wow. God does take care of details. I was given this ticket and made arrangements for it in June or July. We weren't told the due date at that point, so this can only be an extra blessing from God. He knew when she would be born and allowed me to be here for it. I know it's an "extra", but with my brother and his family preparing to leave for overseas missions, this birth may be the last one for some time that we'll all be in attendance for! I am grateful.
I am home to attend the missions conference for Calvary Evangelical Free church. I will be in CT until Oct 29. Prayer requests would include my being able to raise that last $96 a month that I need in order to work full-time in ministry in California. Also, I am looking forward to a number of small group meetings, that have already been arranged. I hope to be used by God however He would like, and I expect that I will be encouraged through the conversations with these home church family members. Every time I come home God has used people in this church to encourage me, to counsel me and to prove His activity in my life in specific ways. I hope that He will repeat that pattern and I hope that I can be a blessing in return to speak of how He has been amazing in my life too.
ps. check this out! I made friends while attending the Miramar Air show in San Diego and was able to catch a ride in a T-28. Not only that, but God has totally blessed me! I am now connected with a great group of pilots whom I will be working with and who have introduced me to some great opportunities for flying and for hanging out with those that do! I'll be driving a Vietnam era Jeep in the Thanksgiving Day parade and be trained to announce for their air show performances of T-34's! Wow! I am soo excited! I've been praying for over a year now that God might allow me to fly again.