Friday, February 23, 2007

Camping in California!

I'm in the mountains of California! Joining the team of the Southwest Region of a new organization Pine Summit camp at Big Bear. Tonight we begin with Jr.Highers and will be spending the next 2 full days with these energetic teenagers. I will be living with a group of them and helping teach then about the Moskona people group, a recently reached group in Indonesia. We will be learning to speak some of the language and talking about the difficulties in translating the Bible into not only their language but their culture as well.
The camp is beautiful as you can see! They got a fresh blanket of snow in last nights storm and it made the whole campus look perfect for snow camp! It'll be a cold one! So pray for me as I feel really inadequate to teach this and for the kids that they will be receptive and enthusiastic. In the past weeks of camp, there have been salvations among the teens and the adult leaders, as well as committments to serve in full time missions. This camping program is a great opportunity to get the message out about the work that we are doing.
Pray that I would have the energy and enthusiasm to last through the weekend. Pray that I would communicate clearly and with excitement, the message of missions and of service for God. Pray that I would be able to have a good relationship with the kids that I'll be staying with in the cabin, that they would share their lives with me and would feel comfortable with me so that I can share my faith and love for God with them.
So much is happening here. It may be that through this camp, other such camping programs will be started. This program has the potential to raise up many for the work of translation in the USA. It may also be that God will use this experience to lead me to live in San Diego because of the activity among youth groups that this generates. I've been asking my prayer partners to pray that God shows me clearly where I should live. He may use this to do that!
On a personal note, I was given a verse this morning in our group devotions that was an incredible encouragement to me from God. Suffice it to say that it was one of those God things, only He could have arranged such a verse. He is so very specific when He counsels and encourages us. We must NEVER doubt that he knows what we're going through and he has compassion on us, and that His mercies never end but are new every morning! He is so specific. What an amazing, lover God He is!