Thursday, May 08, 2008

Moving in and making new friends!

Last Friday my two friends moved me into the new office. We got the desk and file cabinet and chairs all in and I was set! We will be bringing in some of the display from the old office to this one, and Kurt is gonna set it up for me. It will then look a bit more like a jungle. That ought to be fun! You'll see that next week. The next picture is me at my new desk. Looks pretty plain, eh? Wait till you see the fun stuff from the old office. Last weekend, after much mental debate, I went on the womens retreat from my local church. I have never attended a womens retreat and yet I thought this one might be different that what I've heard of before. Well, I was right. This group of ladies was quite adventurous! Most of us went rafting on Saturday and our little raft group had quite the adventure. We got stuck on a rock mid rapid, and although our guide had guided tours for three summers, we needed another two guides to get us "unstuck". That made our raft group a wee bit timid, but we made it the rest of the day and had two more good and fun runs down the river! The biggest reason I attended the retreat was to make some more lady friends. I was so blessed, and made some good new friends. One was also a girl who rode up to the retreat with me, and with whom I found I had a bunch in common with. We both lived in the same area in Hawaii and we talked and laughed about our love of Hawaii and it's idiosyncrasies. I even met another single gal and she is full of life! I thought I've done some pretty cool things in my 33 years, but she definitely beats me to the punch! She's got me thinking that I might try a half marathon! why not?
Youth group has been very rewarding, and the girls and I are getting along really well. We are trying to plan our next sleepover, and their thinking maybe the last day of school would be good.
I am continuing to meet with the Chaplains at the Marine base Camp Pendleton, and we are asking God to help us to know His plan for this ministry with youth and we are looking forward to watching Him use us in the lives of kids and in the building of a partnership with local churches.
Hopefully I'll be getting a new short term trip idea off the ground soon. We're hoping to develop a partnership with a sister organization and this could be our first group effort. The idea is to expose teens to the other sides of our work in our organization and let them see that God can use them in all kinds of creative support roles, working alongside translations projects!
Thanks for checking in again! Come and visit if you feel like it. I have a guest room!