Thursday, April 26, 2007

Loving Training Camp!

This organization is a great ministry! We are nearing the end of the 2 week training camp and I can hardly believe it!
I have learned alot more about Partnership Development. I have come away with a lot of ideas about how to connect better with my "partners" (new name for supporters, and I like it better!). I have been stretched in my speaking skills and have made some new friends.
You should see the campus here in Orlando! This organization is very wise about using resources. They do all things with excellence also. I am feeling very at home here in this ministry. There is also lots of room to grow! Who knows?
I am more and more passionate about Bible Translation. It really is a key component to peoples around the world knowing God more intimately, and at time at all!!! I've heard story after story about how having the scripture in their own language has helped people to actually know God, when before they only heard "about" Him. And yet! Even those who have some of the Bible, the New Testament for example; don't yet have Psalms or Proverbs or Kings or etc. etc. I don't know how I would exist without the Psalms?! So, there is much more work to do!
I leave for home this weekend. There is more to do with youth ministry there and catching up with friends.
I will most likely be moving to California. It looks like that is the most strategic place for me to work. Pray that all the financial details will be worked out. I know God will do that. Also, pray that we will fire up the organization, to see youth involved in a much more significant way to further Bible Translation! They are our next generation! We need to get their attention now!!! :-)
I'll be seeing a bunch of you in CT the end of May! Looking forward to doing some more connecting and informing you of all the changes in our ministry together!!! I hope your excited with me!