Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tea and talking

Well, my Ladies Dessert Tea went really well. Bear Grover and I hosted a tea for the ladies of our church, Faith EFC last Friday. It was a time for us to treat these hard working ladies at a place away from their homes and away from their everyday responsibilities. I had a great time and I know the ladies did too, as a few of them stayed right on into the night, chatting.
The next thing I did this week was to visit with a new colleague of mine in my organization. We camped in the U.P. or Upper Peninsula of Michigan and spent time talking about our future ministry. We will both be focusing on youth ministry and developing programs to encourage missions and the work of our organization in those youth ministries. I have a much better idea of what I should do to begin with when I get settled in California.
As for my coming move, this week I will be deciding on a process of moving (ie. drive it yourself vs have it driven for you) and will be collecting my boxes. My grandmother from Georgia will be visiting just in time to help me do some packing! yeah!
I have been having a great time working with "my girls" in our youth ministry by teaching them basic home etiquette. It's been a good challenge for me as I put together a plan for what to teach and how, and it's been a rewarding experience to watch the girls learn. It's sticking!
I have set dates to have another (and probably last) girls sleepover the end of the month and also a girls movie day the beginning of next. Trying so hard to work in some good time with the girls before I have to leave.
Prayer request number one is that I can get an appointment with a doctor to complete the necessary paperwork for my medical insurance with my new mission. Once that paperwork is complete, then I can officially move my financial situation. I would prefer a female doctor, as long as your praying! :-) One that I was recommended to call was not able to take new clients, so I am back to square one.
Thanks for the visit! Thanks for your interest.
Seize the Day! Romans 12:11