Thursday, May 01, 2008

Moving my office

Another year, another move! Hehehe. well, actually we are moving my office from the Temecula location South, to the offices of the National Network of Youth ministries in San Diego. Kurt Scorza on the left (formerly of the dog training episodes) and Paul Johnson on the right are helping me get it all there. I will be commuting from Hemet to the Rancho Bernardo area 3-4x's a week. We'll see how it goes. For now I will be continuing to live in the home I live in now. If the commute proves to be too much and God opens an opportunity for me to live somewhere near the new office, then I'd move then. For now, while the Temecula office continues to be open I'll visit the members there on Mondays and work from home 1-2x's a week. This new location has some very good points too! The office of the National Network of Youth ministries houses youth networking people who communicate with youth ministries all over the nation. Perfect for a member who wants to network with those exact people too! God may be expanding my reach and that of my organization through this opportunity.
I'm continuing also to work with my kids at the youth group at church. We will be losing our youth pastor in the summer and our church is already actively looking for a replacement. So my services are definitely needed at this season of ministry there. I have been blessed to be given the chance for deeper relationships with a number of the girls there and as you who know me know, I am so fulfilled by those relationships. God has specifically made me for ground level, local church youth ministry.
I have been talking to the chaplains at the Marine base and a ministry called the Military Community Youth Ministry and we are continuing to meet to build this youth ministry. I so enjoy getting involved in the lives of military youth and their families. It feels kinda like "home".
Also, it looks like we're finally getting a short term trip opportunity off the ground. It will hopefully be a trip to Cameroon, Africa next summer. We hope that it will be a trip for youth to see the other side of our organization, an area called Vernacular Media! I might even get to go to Africa myself. This thrills me, as I have yet to go to that continent!
So, little moves and big moves...God gets glory in all of them!