Thursday, February 21, 2008

Youth group and Doggie update!

Here is a very recent picture of me and a few of my girls at youth group! When I asked to take their picture they were very eager! These girls have made me feel very much at home at "Epic" our youth program at Sunridge Community Church. It has been such a refreshing change to spend a number of continuous weeks at youth group. No travel! yeah!
Next is a couple pictures of our "love" poster, from which the quotes came that I posted in last weeks blog. As you can see, the poster was "full-up" with valentines wishes for God. Teens can express themselves in ways that I am sure God totally enjoys!
I told you that I would also update you on Gypsy's progress in training. Well, we met for her second lesson yesterday. She is doing remarkably well! Her "parents" practiced as they had promised and she is very comfortable with her "heel" and was able to try some distraction practice too. Then we taught her "sit", the formal version. Many dogs know a form or two of "sit", but my version includes an "automatic stay" and a one word command (vs."sit, sit, sit, hey! sit!"). At first she didn't understand that while she was "sitting" she wasn't free to go just because we sat down; but she very quickly got the idea, and by the end of the hour was reasonably adjusted to the idea. I am sure that this will be a foundational command for her and well used in the future. Her "mom" told me that she even made an hour+ long car ride this weekend without a single bark or whine! Tremendous results! We're all very happy! Next week she will be taught the "stay". I'll tell you how it goes!
Our department had a conference call today and we are moving forward with a number of our plans for this year, including filling up our stateside camps and our international trips. We are developing an idea for a new kind of international trip for teens and that idea is gaining popularity and possibility! I'm excited about that!
No need to be wondering if you should be jealous of our weather down here. It's been rainy, cloudy, foggy (need fog lights for my car!!!) and actually snowy! Although, I must say, nothing like those Wisconsin winters!
Thanks for checking in!