Tuesday, November 18, 2008

lots of hosting

After returning from our organizations regional recruitment meetings, I was honored to host some friends from out of State! First the Allinghams arrived. They are friends that I met in Wisconsin last year when I worked for the EFCA in Youth Builders. This couple and their little boy John are precious friends and of emotional encouragement to me. It was a pleasure to host them and show them CA! My boyfriend Michael even took Steve for his first surfing try. The guys did great but the water was sooo cold! In the middle of the Allinghams visit, another friend arrived, this time from Atlanta, Georgia! Jenijoy is a special friend of the last 8 years or so and has visited me everywhere I've lived during our friendship. She stayed on after the Allinghams left and I enjoyed her company until last Wednesday. After a full day at the office, as opposed to at home I left on Friday morning to go to Texas for a friends wedding. Michael took me to see his last assigment at Ft. Hood and I got to meet a mirade of his friends and his Bible study leaders.
This week I'm concentrating on working from the office and am staying with Jennifer, my San Diego friend who lives about 5 minutes from work. This way i can cut out those long commutes! I'll be in Temecula for youth group on Wednesday night, then back to San Diego again on Thursday. Next week is the Thanksgiving holiday and my parents are bringing me home for the holiday. We are all trying to fit in as much time as possible with the Lee Pitts family before they leave. If you are attending the Calvary church Thanksgiving service, I'll likely see you there!
Prayer items for me are that I can begin to narrow down the ideas that I have to two or three reasonable working items. Also that I would be able to write at least one rough draft of my chapter for our resource book, this week! Thanks for checking in again!