Friday, September 29, 2006

A Ministry update from America's Dairyland

A friend and reader of this blog brought it to my attention that you readers have heard very little about my ministry lately. I realized he was right, so I intend to correct that now.
God has provided me with many domestic ministry opportunities. As soon as I returned from my yearly retreat in North Carolina with friends; I met and shared Jesus with a Mystic named Gem Ray, and I met and discussed Jesus and the "correct" Biblical translations with my neighbor Tim. I have also been priviledge ( I mean that!) to be involved with my local church's youth group. That ministry has been the highlight of my last few weeks. We've been preparing to lead small groups in youth group, and it has been fascinating to watch the growth of the leadership team with just a bit of help. These friends of mine are super people and they really love their kids. I love being needed. I've been stretched as well, as I've been asked to lead the game time on Wed.nights. I am NOT a game person, one else wanted to do it either. I found a website, thank you God, called the Source 4 Youth Ministry ( that is totally packed with great game ideas! We have had two weeks of fun. Tubicide, and marshmellow fights, really fun!! But this week, in our girls small group, after mentioning that IF we know Jesus we are promised all of Gods protection and power; I was asked rather heatedly, whether that meant that those who follow Islam and Judaism and Mormonism and others will go to Hell? Well, yes that is what the Bible says; that only through Jesus and his sacrifice can we be with Him in heaven and live with His help. Wow. What a reaction! I was not seen favorably by this young lady after that. It made me realize how far we have to go, and how difficult small groups will be. Please pray for this young lady and for us in leadership to have the wisdom to show her Jesus as He really is.
Apart from these domestic ministry opportunities, I have recently been deluged with action points for the Connect department of the EFCA. For now, I will be doing what I can to make arrnagments and develop marketing materials for our short term trips and for the Connect division as a whole. After attending an Internationl Missions area meeting yesterday (why I didn't get this blog done yesterday), I saw what I believe is Gods next step for me in the mission. I approached the leadership with my idea and they told me to wait on it and let them figure things out first. So I am not able to share it right now, but it has to do with being involved in youth ministry in the mission. I hope that God will bless this idea and that it WAS His spirit leading my imagination. If it works out I'll tell you as soon as I can! I am really excited about the idea, which is the first feeling of excitement about my involvement since the big changes here at the EFCA. I do want to tell you too, that I am really excited about the changes that the mission is going through, and that the whole EFCA denomination is going to be much more available and useful at the local church level, once all the pieces are in place. Looking forward to it!
So, i hope that helps. As a last note, if you know anyone who would like to go on a last minute missions trip, we are looking for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, general contractors as well as medical personel of any type to go in small numbers (3-5 per group), to help the church in Lebanon in November! anyone?anyone? Call me. 715-309-2224.
I love you, my reading friends. Please give me feedback and questions anytime!

Monday, September 25, 2006

I was away and now it's FALL!

How do you like the "BIG PIG"? I went to the well known Minnesota State Fair at the end of August. It was supposedly the thing to do! Wow. The Big E, you New Englanders will know, holds not a candle to this. The Midwest knows how to do a state fair. But, an evening was enough to get the idea. There was so much eating, it was amazing. Fried Cheese curds! I mean, wow. Cheese curds and FRIED! But it was still really fun.
I was away from Sept5-15 and then I was out of habit and didn't send up a blog last week either. So sorry! I'll be sending up a few this week,just to get y'all caught up. More pictures etc.
As for weather, it is definately Fall now. Some days it's cloudy and some it's sunny ,but the trees are turning colors and the apples are in season. There are even Halloween decorations going up and it's only September! I won't get going on that subject.... So, we're on our way to the "cold" weather that everyone here is already discussing. Oh boy!