Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hospitality as ministry

Thank you for checking in again! This week I have been impressed with Gods using me in the area of hospitality. I have always believed, since moving here to this apartment, that it is a blessing. I have wanted to use it for His glory and for ministry. Now that I will be home for all of June and July, basically until I move to California, I am taking every opportunity to use my home for ministry. The picture that you see here, is one of my girls and her brother and his wife. They asked to use my office and printer for a task they needed to complete; and I was so thrilled that they felt comfortable to ask! :-) Loved it! For this month I am teaching a class on "etiquette" and "manners". Did you know that there's a difference? :-) Yup! according to me, etiquette is a list of rules according to a society and manners is causing others to be comfortable in your presence and honored above yourself. My class is all girls and is being held the Wednesdays in June. It didn't occur to me to take a picture of this week's class, but I will do my best to get one next week!
God also gave me the idea to have the ladies of my local church over for something at my house. So it was decided to host a Ladies Dessert Tea, which will be this Friday. Bear Grover and I are hosting it, here at my house! :-) Yeah! It is such fun to run with an idea that God gives, because you just know that He is in it and that it's gonna bring Him glory! It is even better when the idea is something that is fun and fits with your abilities and passions! So if you are so inclined, please pray that the ladies will be comfortable as they are served and feel honored and not embarrassed. I am praying that they will feel peaceful, and feel His presence among us. I hope it will be a refreshing time for these very hard working ladies. I want it to be FUN too, of course!
Next week I am driving to Michigan to meet a colleague of mine in my organization. We plan on having some time talking over ideas for our ministry and getting on the same page. Once I move to California, it will be much harder to make arrangements like this. So we're taking advantage of the somewhat close proximity.
So, thank you for your partnership with me. I know that God brought me here to Menomonie and to Faith EFC for His own reasons, and you with me. I also trust Him as I take a step at a time towards my future ministry. Moving plans are coming, but each day I try to remember to enjoy Wisconsin and seize every opportunity for ministry here where I am right now. As Jim Elliot said, "Wherever you are be all there"