Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well, this week I'm in Connecticut for the holidays. Lovely CT has plenty of leaves and this weekend we were out raking. Here's the happy family!The holidays are rapidly coming on. My niece has given us lots to laugh about, she's our entertainment these days!
Not alot of news so I'll share some pictures instead!
I won't be home for long, off to Orlando for training next Sunday and then with one week in CA, I'll be home again in CT for Christmas.
I appreciate all of you, who check on me periodically!
belated Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2007


I am FREE in many senses! I know it's early in the week for a blog post but i just have to tell you! car is paid off and I'm ecstatic. It's all mine! #2 I got my CA license plates, finally! (and side note, some money that friends from CT gave me while I was home, completely covered the very expensive cost of the licensing and title!!!little did they know!) #3 and the BIGGEST news! is I am released to my "assignment" with my organization!! Yes, as of today. Whew!
So thanks for sharing in a little bit of my news. I'll try to update again over this week, as Thursday is Thanksgiving anyway. There has been lots of fodder for pictures this weekend and there will be again while I'm home for the holidays! See ya again soon!