Friday, June 16, 2006

Thailand for 3 Weeks!!!

I'm posting now, for the next addition because I'm going away next Tuesday morning for 3 weeks and won't be able to blog again until I return! yes, Thailand again. This time we'll be a very small team, 3 teens and Gordy, Bear and me. I'm looking forward to this beautiful country, hard work, yummy tribal food and just......missions. It's always a spiritual battle, and I am always stretched, but I always am so glad for the exercise! :-) My prayer requests are that I would be spiritually prepared for all that God has coming our way, for unity amoung the 6 of us, (OH! and there are a few local missionary girls joining us when we get there!) Also, for a good relationship with the one teen girl that is coming from the States with us who will be my roomate while we're there; and finally that we would be a blessing to the Lahu ministry and the local community.
See ya on the other side! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Finally home in Wisconsin

The missions family here was so patient. We had to wait for 2 hrs for my truck to arrive, and everyone had such a great attitude! Once again the unloading was fast! The unloading took 1/2 hr, followed by a celebratory Subway lunch :-) Andy Krausse brought his three teen daughters, and it was such medicine to my heart to have some teens involved in my day. Look at this crew, what great help. This crew, although not complete, includes some great family and new friends. Please do continue to pray for me. My move is now complete, and the settling process continues. There are many changes in the mission right now; and once the dust settles I'll be able to give you a better idea of what is going on. What I do know is that God is in control and that He has not only our best interest in mind, but also His glory and honor. Posted by Picasa

Traveling fun

Our trip started off rainy, as you can see from the picture! We drove together from Connecticut to Ohio and after staying with and visiting with family there moved on to WISCONSIN! Posted by Picasa

I'm out and in

Here's the Connecticut moving crew. Calvary really came through, not only as my supporting home church but as moving day support! What a great church family. The men's ministry sent out am email asking for help on my behalf. Thanks guys!!! The move out took a total of 1 hr and 1/2. These friends enduring a muggy morning, and still did a super and joyful job. The next day my parents, Sharma and I headed out for Wisconsin, via Cleveland, Ohio. Next post will continue the story! Posted by Picasa