Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring IS coming, but ministry is happening now!

It's Thursday again, and there's lots to tell you, but no specific pictures of it.
First, I had a really great time with some Mormons that came to visit last Friday night. Many of my prayer partners know about this and were involved in praying for it. I was so nervous until people started praying, and then I was filled with excitement and enthusiasm. The Holy Spirit filled my home and I was provided a great website for building my knowledge. The website is called Check it out, it is a really well written and gracious presentation of truth. With that sword of truth and with the Holy Spirit, we were able to share the truth graciously.
Secondly, we've had some really good conversations at youth group. We have been watching a video presentation called the Gospel Journey. The kids are really listening to it and we've had two weeks of significant conversations in small group following the video. I have been talking to a group of girls that have really important questions and who have been struggling with Christianity because of what they've seen people do, who call themselves Christians. The Gospel is marred by the activity of sinful people. Big surprise! We are all sinful, but we've been talking through those arguments that they have and have been able to see Jesus for who He really is. It's been so fulfilling and rewarding to talk with them about such important things. I've seen them open up more to the Truth of the Bible. Please pray that they continue to receive the truth and that they eventually ask Jesus to be their Saviour!
I will be going home for the Calvary Missions Conference. So I'll be seeing some of you, this time next week. I am so excited to be able to talk about my new job! There's so much to tell!
I wish you a happy St. Patricks Day! I'm gonna celebrate here with a few friends.