Friday, August 22, 2008

a gathering in CA from CT!

Last weekend, I got to go up North a bit and visit with the Todd's )while they were here on vacation) and Doug with his friend Emily. We met at the beach where Texans, Jenn and Jason were taking surfing lessons and the five of us hung out for the afternoon and I stayed through the night and went home the next day! It was so sweet to revisit our memories of times working in youth group in Connecticut and to remember the lives that we were involved in while there. It has been 2 years since I saw the Todd's and it felt like just a few days. Doug has recently moved to Pasadena to work with a mission there, having just finished raising support is now fully active at the mission offices. It was kinda hard for us to believe that we were together so far away, out here in CA!!! Who would have thought a few years ago, of such an event.
Wednesdays youth group meeting was the first big one since school has started. Once school begins we see the kids more consistently. I am sad that the freedom of summer schedules are over. We have a new youth intern, and he has begun to prepare the schedule for the fall and winter and it seems like there will be many opportunities to be involved in kids lives. Yeah!
As Fall approaches, my schedule will be very busy. I travel a lot for both business and for family, in the Fall. This year will not be different. I go to Tuscon, AZ in Sept for a ministry training event.
Looks like I'll be staying in San Diego a few nights a week with a friend at her house. That will make it easier for me to get to work and will keep me off the highway so very much; but it also allows me to keep low rent and to enjoy the peaceful countryside where I live now. That is an answer to prayer for a solution to my travel woes and I get a friend in the mix too!