Friday, February 26, 2010

Its about time!

Our new website is to be launched as of Monday morning! This site has been my "baby" for the last few months. It was a slow start but we slowly built momentum and I expect that it will only continue to improve. We decided to go ahead and announce the sites opening on February 28th. To do this we will send an email to the members of our current site and invite them to now join us "over here". On the new site we are able to give our members more options of video, chat and photo uploading. We have groups for them to join and events to be aware of. The benefit to this site over Facebook or our current site, is that we can allow our members to have their own pages but all unified under our own site. They can now post their own pictures, videos and start groups and discussion. We have the ability to post events and ask for RSVP. There are also a large number of other administrative benefits to this site as well as a good privacy control.
The video you see is the title video on our site and was produced by the folks at JAARS. JAARS is a partner organization and helps by enabling missionaries to get to their assignments, stay at the assignments, move around and get their work done faster!
Please click on the link above and check our main page. The look will be changing in the next month or so, to more closely tie us to our organization and give us a unique look. I'd ask that, unless you are a student please just enjoy our "Main" page and please don't ask to join. We are committed to keeping this site for students from 13-25 (ish) and not to have too many adults or "other" members. It allows for us to have better control of a safer environment for our students.
I am so excited that this almost done. Thanks for your prayers on our behalf!
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