Thursday, March 05, 2009

I've actually been home the last week!

This last week I spent at home in the Temecula area. I was able to attend youth group this and last week and even got to spend some time with a student from youth group on Saturday. She and I got to go to the Wild Animal Park and spend the day, thanks to a Christmas gift of membership to the zoo from my brother. I haven't had a chance like this for a long time of spending a day just hanging out with a teen. It felt so good and I really enjoyed being with her doing something we both could enjoy!
On Sunday last, I helped staff a couple tables for some colleagues at their home church missions conference in Escondido. It was a very large conference and we had two big tables. I had a great chance to watch my colleagues work as recruiters and got to talk to a number of people myself. I also met a young lady preparing for missions aviation as a pilot for JAARS. We got teary as we talked about our passion for all things aviation. Nice to find a fellow female aviation enthusiast like my silly self! I couldn't help but be a little jealous as she's pursuing that job and learning aviation mechanics and has almost finished her CFI license (certified flight instructor). Very cool.
Things for the wedding planning are going well. All the big stuff is pretty much done and we're tweaking the little stuff now! It's something like 71 days and counting!
thanks for checking in again!