Friday, February 15, 2008

It snowed in Southern California!

"I love you God, so please help me be more nice!"
"Father, thanx 4 everything! I love u! love ur daughter"
"I love u God you're always in my heart"
"thank you for giving me a second chance"
"Father God, you're there when no one else is, you created love and i want to live by it. when the darkness closes in you're all that's left. you are all love and I'm in it. Love you dad...!!"

I think God probably treasures these love letters to him more than our best poetry. These are quotes from a banner on which our youth group kids wrote their valentine notes to God. These were some of my favorites and there were many more. Being in youth ministry has been very rewarding.
The first picture is from my drive home last night. You can see the sunset reflecting off the mountain that I live on. It snowed yesterday. So much so that our dirt road was very slippery and I almost didn't get to work, despite my 4x4 vehicle! But I did and caught these beautiful shots on the way home.
Today I met with my boss Ron and we talked about ministry and plans for where our "office" will be among other things. We also met one of "our" kids from our ministry's website. She and her father met with us for lunch. We have been trying to keep in contact with our website kids and hope to see that ministry develop into a healthy alternative chat room for ministry minded kids.
I met this week also, with the San Diego Mission Team and we discussed how we've been networking with youth pastors and youth ministries in San Diego. We are seeing the Holy Spirit prompt kids to begin their own outreaches to their peers in schools and we are getting really excited about the possibility this next generation finishing the "task"! I am beginning my contact with the chaplains to reach military kids on a nearby base and I hope to encourage them to greater outreach.
Update on Gypsy, the Australian shepherd. She had her first lesson in "heel" and boy did she do fabulously!! She responded so well to very few corrections and as I somewhat expected was one of the very few dogs who learn quickly. She amazed me and her owners. We expect to see her behavior dramatically improve. She is already quieting down in the car and staying calm for her dinner too!
Thank you for all your interest and concern for me and for youth ministry!