Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wedding planning firsts

What I've got to report this week is just all wedding stuff! The first picture is Carolyn my invitation creator/producer. She and I have been working on the design and creation of these darn things for months. She did a great job and printed them last week. She was a great lady to work with!
Next was Michael and my first wedding/shower gift. It arrived sometime last week and Michael waited for me and we got to open our first gift together. Kinda fun, as you can see!
And finally while staying at a neighbors house and working during the day at Michael's house, I've been working on just about one main thing this week. Invitations. Amazing how much detail goes into these things! whew! So here's me sitting at Michael's house assembling invitations and writing address's. Can't wait to get them IN THE MAIL!
Finally, we also got to see our engagment photo's this week for the first time! you can see them at .
I got to attend Michael's church bible study and we had some really good fellowship there last night.
Next week after Jury duty on Monday (hopefully that's all) I have a few days at home and then head out to Connecticut for wedding planning stuff. Michael will join me out there too and will get to meet more of my CT group! See many of you in the next week or so!