Friday, May 19, 2006

Taking Peirogies to Wisconsin

Trying to get all those little things done before I leave. I have learned to appreciate certain ethnic foods here in New England. Through the hospitality of a good friend and supporter I learned how to make peirogies this week. Elaine Eli has made these mashed potatoe filled pastries almost all here life. This Polish traditional food is a rarity to me. Having learned how to make really (I mean really) good Italian "sauce" last year from another good friend, I wanted to take this Polish meal with me as well.
We made Onion and potatoe peirogies and even tried some with sweet potatoe! YUM. Smelled great, and tasted great too. Kinda heavy on the carb content, but what they hey, ethnic food is totally worth it!
On the support front, you have to know! I am now at 96% support and climbing! I have set a move date for June 3. Mom, Dad, Sharma and I will drive out of Connecticut on Saturday and arrive in Menomonie late Sunday evening. We're currently making plans for moving, such as which truck to rent and how much I must move. Although we've packed a lot so far, we still have a bunch to do; and we're all sure that it will be a very busy moving day!
Tonight I will be attending the last meeting of a monthly winetasting group, that I have been with for the last year and a half. They have heard that I'm leaving now, for the last year, and they can hardly believe this will actually be my last. This group of people is quite diverse, made up of a few Americans and a number of resident Turkish folks. What a wonderful group of people and a great opportunity it has been to represent Christ amoung them. They know I'm leaving to be a missionary and they have had very good questions. I will miss them very much.
Next week will be filled with not only packing, but also a number of "lasts" as well. Youth group, another dinner with friends, and a girls day out on Saturday. It's amazing how fast this is coming on.
I am still praying that God will supply the remaining $166 dollars per month of support, as well as another daily prayer partner. I know He will. Some have said that well, 96% is good enough. But I know God better now, and as Brother Andrew would say God supplies His people Royally and that means to me to the full extent, not just good enough. He said to me, "I will do for you all that you ask", and I'm asking to fulfill what the authorities over me require, 100%. So, I am faithfully trusting God to complete that, as He has done so amazingly these last few weeks.
Thanks for your support and your time! I look forward to sharing this adventure with you! Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 15, 2006

My commissioning service

Hi, sorry my post is late in coming. I've been on a family vacation, which was wonderful!
God was so very gracious to me and He totally showed up at this service. My pastors Dave and Randy were such a blessing to me and organized such a precious service. There was both a 8:30 and 11:00 service, but the format was essentially the same. Pastor Dave preached not only to me, but also to the congregation! That it was all of us together in this endeavor. I loved it! He spoke about Gods faithfulness. The elders and missions committee members came up and layed hands on me as they prayed. The weight of their hands was impressive and made that moment for me very sacred. I literally felt as though we were a body, together going to the mission field. I was most impressed with the solemness of the service and the felt presence of the Holy Spirit. It was more than humbling, it was.....I don't know how to explain it. It was simply sacred. Wow.
Pastor Randy told the congregation of my financial and prayer needs. How wonderful to have another speak on that account and how freeing for me to speak about other things when it was my turn to respond. It meant so much to have Pastor Randy pray for me, after sharing with him my concerns regarding prayer and faith; knowing that he knew my struggles. He was such wonderful counsel last Friday before the service.
This last week following the service, I spoke with member of Calvary who joined my prayer team and others who joined my financial team. I now have a growing list of prayer partners (who are praying for the fianancial situation) and am now at 92% support!!
One last comment. I was blown away by God when a member of Calvary came to me following the second service, to share some scripture that she felt God wanted her to share with me. It was Ruth 3. When Ruth had layed at Boaz's feet to ask him for help in being her kinsman redeemer. This friend told me the verses that say "my daughter, do not be afraid. I will do for you all that you ask". She shared this with me and then left. It was such a huge encouragement. God has heard my prayers. And when I am nervous or should I rather say, scared, when I think of the money that is left to raise in the time that is left to raise it. I think of this verse,...."do not be afraid", " I will do for you all that you ask"; it calms my heart especially knowing that God wanted me to specifically hear this verse.
Thank you for your prayers, your support and your friendship. I look forward to seeing how God is going to do this all by May 25!