Thursday, January 15, 2009

Catching up and getting ready for Recruiters Meetings in Florida

Hi Friends! you gonna faint? Two weeks in a row? Yup! amazing. So this'll be short since there is a lot less to report since last weekend. I arrived in CA from CT's 22deg weather to find San Diego a lovely 77deg! YES! I had a little adventure at the very start.
An old friend of our family had taken me to the airport before Christmas and I left my car at their house to avoid the very costly daily parking fees at the airport. After she picked me up at the airport and we got back and tried to start my car, nothing happened. Not just a little "turn, turn" of the starter, nope, nothin'! I am more than grateful that this happened at my friends house as opposed to the public long term parking at the airport! So we ladies were brave, got out the jumper cables and got it going.
I've been making regular hours at the office this week, writing a newsletter for all my partners and putting together my part of a workshop that my collegues and I are presenting at the Recruiters Conference the end of the month. The conference happens Jan 26-29 in Orlando, followed by our NextGen annual retreat over the weekend. Last year, as you might remember, we held our annual retreat here in CA at Big Bear mountain, amidst the snow. This year we all decided that sunshine sounded good and since we're already all gathered it more than made sense.
So I'll be away again, but back in CA February 1.
Wedding plans have been a bit overwhelming the last week or so, but it looks like the clouds are clearing as we get the big items into place. It's now starting to get exciting. It is amazing how complicated this stuff can become! As the wedding day approaches some changes will be happening with my job.
I will be spending some time and thought in prayer during the conference and retreat and I would appreciate your prayers as I ask God how I can be involved in Wycliffe part-time and what the next phase of my life will be. My financial support will be reduced significantly, but my prayer support will definitely not! The forthcoming newsletter will explain all that.
Thanks again for your interest and prayers!