Saturday, December 09, 2006

Let it snow, let it snow....

Nice cold Wisconsin. Actually, currently it no longer looks all white and pretty here. A majority of the snow has melted, but this was too good to pass up. It's been "real" winter this last week. Temp's in the 0's to 10's. Yup. But a big difference between here and CT, is the lack of moisture here. What is cold here, seems to be colder in CT because the dampness goes right through you. Here, is saps your body of moisture. My skin is drained and my hair is full of static!
As for what is going on in ministry here... I've been to two meetings in Minneapolis, one to help us prepare for the change in our email system and the other to meet with the other members of Connect, to discuss what our goals will be for next year.
This week's youth group meeting was amazing as usual. I got really nervous the week before the meeting. Not sure why, but I was reminded to pray and ASK God to do His thing. As soon as I was done praying, he released my worries and the rest of the time I just waited to see what He was gonna do. My girlfriend from Atlanta, Jennijoy, is here for a visit. She came along, the girls accepted here immediately and she joined in the small group conversation. She was even able to reinforce some comments that I made last week, without being prompted by me. But we serve the same God who works in me and her and loves these girls. It was a great conversation.
The plan is to spend some time, next week, working at the Grovers house and volunteering my time at the local museum house for the Christmas tours. Already I have had the priviledge of sharing my testimony with the curator and hope that i will be able to share again.
I am loving Wisconsin, loving the Christmas season and loving the rurban life. I wonder what it'll be like once the holidays are over? My local friends have promised to help me adjust and show me the ropes.
Bring on the snow! It's cold enough, it ought to be white!!!!