Friday, July 06, 2007

Girly stuff

Another week has gone by. Thanks for coming back!
Last Thursday I had a sleepover with a group of girls from church. We had a really good time. I had hoped for a good fun time as well as hoped for some significant conversation. I believe that did happen.
As you can see we had some good "girl" time, but we also played "hide and seek"!!! Can you believe it? High schoolers playing "hide and seek"!
I am now in the swing of moving. My office was the first to get boxed up. A coworker (Gordy) is coming to take this huge desk to our church for our church office. I have alot more to do, but it will all get done.
My Grandmother Char is here to visit, and although we'll see a bunch of the countryside, she'll be helping me to pack. Nice to have company for that!
The moving truck is hired!!! Finally! Mom and Dad have their tickets and the process of getting to California is on it's way. Prayer requests would be that I would have confirmation from my partners of their support so that my organization is confident of my being at 100%. Also that I can get all the paperwork for my health insurance complete in time for the transition from EFCA to my new organization.
Before I sign off, I must tell you I'm still learning about Wisconsin culture! I learned that Bear season is all summer and that it is broken into two parts. The first season is "running" season, where they "run" the dogs after the bears, chasing them all over the countryside for practice. The second is the actual kill season. Huh! who would've guessed! I also had an interesting experience feeding my girls for my sleepover. Did you know that some kids here in Wisconsin don't eat "store bought" meat? Yeah! They get the fresh "stuff" so readily that they don't buy it! That was a whole new idea to me! Never heard that one before. Have you?
I still can't believe that I love Wisconsin ( and the Midwest in general) so much. I am so grateful that God brought me here, if only for a year.
Seize the Day!